Tips for Finding High Quality, Affordable Alternative Medicine in Bothell

Learn more about alternative medicine to help you decide if this creative and patient-centered approach to health care is right for your wellness and acute care needs.If you’ve been frustrated by traditional medicine on your health journey, consider expanding your view of health care. Naturopathic medicine is the solution of many, and there are some general naturopathic care features to look for in a holistic provider. Here are some tips for finding high quality, affordable alternative medicine in Bothell.

Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature

A naturopathic doctor (ND) should be committed to using the most natural treatments, working in harmony with the body to resolve health concerns. Look for treatments that support better sleep, nutrition and other natural healing focuses.

Treatment of Causes – Not Symptoms

A naturopathic doctor (ND) should be focused on the causes of a patient’s health concerns, not just the symptoms. Employing naturopathic strategies to identify underlying causes, then providing holistic treatments such as bodywork, IV vitamin therapybiofeedback and others to treat underlying illness should be an ND’s approach.

Doctors Should be Teachers, Too

A good doctor should be a true partner of his/her patients, educating about health as part of a treatment plan. Empowering patients with accurate knowledge motivates them to do what it takes to succeed on the journey to health.

A Holistic Approach to Individual Health Care

A good naturopathic doctor sees patients as ‘whole persons’, providing care guided by the understanding that all bodily systems are interconnected. When one is weak or malfunctioning, others can also suffer. The doctor must be able to identify root causes of disease, which helps open avenues of greater individualized treatment. 

Prevention Should be Key

Naturopathic medicine isn’t about just taking care of you when you’re not feeling well; it’s a philosophy of health care that’s equally focused on developing good habits and practices that keep you well. Look for a focus on prevention when looking finding high quality, affordable alternative medicine in Bothell. 

Finding High Quality, Affordable Alternative Medicine in Bothell

If you’re looking for affordable, high quality holistic treatment in the Bothell area, consider the caring and knowledgeable staff at ISM Health. A full-service naturopathic care practice led by Dr. Jamie Agisheva, ND, ISM welcomes adults and children for both wellness visits and acute illness and chronic disease treatment. Employing a wide range of holistic treatment options including biofeedback, bodywork, IV vitamin therapy and much more, Dr. Agisheva ensures her patients receive thoughtful care tailored to each individual’s needs. Contact us today for an appointment, and begin your journey toward improved wellness with naturopathic health care.

Finding High Quality, Affordable Alternative Medicine in Bothell

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