Can B12 Shots Help You Feel Your Best in Mukilteo?

b12 shots mukilteo

If you’ve been frustrated by symptoms such as fatigue and anemia that are beginning to interfere with your daily activities, B12 shots could provide relief. While this important vitamin is available in pill form, some patients don’t absorb it well, so shots are more effective. Because it’s an intramuscular shot, your body can use the vitamin faster. Learn more about this innovative health care treatment and whether it might be the right choice for you. 

How Do I Know if I Need This Vitamin Shot?

A vitamin B12 deficiency requires a medical practitioner’s diagnosis, and a prescription is necessary before you can get a vitamin shot. Some patients may need a blood test to accurately detect B12 levels so the proper amount can be delivered via injection. 

How Long Do The Benefits Last?

You’ll probably begin to feel better within a day or two, and your doctor may prescribe a second shot ten days later. After that, your physician will work with you to establish a maintenance schedule based on your B12 levels and your symptoms.

What Else Should I Know About B12 Injections?

As with other common shots, the injection site may feel uncomfortable for a while. Redness and swelling are common, and some people experience mild itching, too. It’s important to share with your doctor any other medications you are taking, as some may interrupt your body’s ability to use B12. 

Are You Interested in Learning More About B12 Shots Near Mukilteo?

ISM Health is led by naturopathic physician, Dr. Jamie Agisheva. Patients of this state-of-the-art clinic receive compassionate and insightful care for wellness and sick visits, too. Our services include DOT physicals, IV vitamin therapies and biofeedback. If you want to achieve your best health and strongest athletic performance using the latest naturopathic medicine, contact us to schedule your appointment to discuss whether B12 shots are right for your health goals.

Discover How B12 Shots May Alleviate Your Fatigue Near Mukilteo

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