Wellness Tips for Kids from a Practicing Naturopathic Doctor in Bothell

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Of course, we all want our kids to grow up healthy and strong. It’s essential to understand though, that the foundation of healthful living is built in childhood. When you embrace common wellness tips for kids, you’re not only helping them now but for a lifetime. Here are a few basic ideas to get you started.

Eat Right

Learning to add fresh fruits and vegetables to every meal is a great habit to get into at home and not just before a doctor’s visit. A variety offers all the vitamins and minerals your child needs for growth. Some kids may need to be introduced to them multiple times before they begin to like them, so don’t give up. 

Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep hygiene is important for everyone. It helps regulate mood, supports heart health and more. Bedtime routines can make this easier. Avoid electronics in the bedroom, which can interfere with a kid’s ability to fall asleep when used too close to bedtime. Sleep deficits can affect more than health, they can affect your child’s learning in school, too. 

Stay Active

Even if your child isn’t interested in team sports, other kinds of physical activity will benefit them. Everything from running to regular yard work counts. Kids may need guidance and encouragement, which makes this a wonderful opportunity for you to be more active, too, with your child. Exploring local parks, going hiking or walking instead of driving to the store are all great wellness tips for kids.

Do You Need a Bothell Doctor Experienced in Wellness Tips for Kids?

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Well-Visits and Wellness Tips for Kids with a Caring Naturopathic Doctor in Bothell

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