Why Is a DOT Medical Exam for Commercial Drivers in the Kirkland Area So Important?

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A DOT medical exam is a common job requirement for commercial drivers. But not just any doctor can sign off on your DOT medical card. Only those who have earned DOT approval are permitted to give these exams and certify that they have passed. Learn more about your CDL medical exam here and why it’s so important.

Meet Job Requirements

If you’re looking for a new career or want to get ahead at your current company, having a DOT-approved medical card that shows your fitness for the job can make you a stand-out candidate. While others may wait until they get a job offer to make their appointment, you’ll be ready on day one.

Ensure Your Safety

Some health conditions, even serious ones, don’t have significantly noticeable symptoms. Or, changes to senses like your eyesight and hearing can be so gradual you don’t notice them until you’re tested as part of a medical exam. Keeping up with your DOT physical requirements is a good way to spot problems while they’re still relatively minor and treatable. It keeps you, your cargo and those around you on the road safer. 

Reduce Your Potential Liability

In the event of a collision, whether you’re at fault or not, you can count on being asked whether you’re cleared to drive according to DOT standards. Having an up-to-date DOT physical card is one way to reduce your risk of liability and prove your qualifications as a CDL driver. 

Do You Need a DOT Medical Exam Near Kirkland?

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Convenient DOT Medical Exams for Kirkland-Area CDL Drivers

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