Could an Iron Infusion Give You More Energy Near Edmonds? Learn the Signs of Low Iron


Your body counts on iron as an essential mineral for keeping you healthy, and when your iron levels are off, it begins to really take a toll on how your body functions and how you feel. An iron infusion is one of the quickest ways to increase your iron count and restore your energy, but you need to be aware of the problem before you can solve it. Most people feel really fatigued when there’s not enough iron in their body, but that’s a common symptom of many conditions, so it’s important to recognize other signs, too. These are three big signs you have low iron.

Inability to Keep Warm

Strong and healthy blood is full of iron, and if it’s not, your circulatory system won’t work as well. When that happens, you’ll often feel extremely cold, even after adding extra layers of clothing or a blanket, with your extremities often feeling the coldest. 

Losing Your Hair 

Iron is also key to keeping your hair and scalp healthy, and when there isn’t enough of this mineral to foster growth, you could find your hair loss increasing. People typically lose dozens of hairs a day, so you’ll want to take action if the speed or volume of your hair loss is increasing.

Brain Fog

This kind of poor concentration is pretty common and can have several causes, including not enough restful sleep at night. But if you’re also experiencing other symptoms, it could be that your iron levels aren’t where they should be. 

Worried About Low Iron & Want to Talk with a Doctor Near Edmonds?

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