The Road to Wellness: Understanding the Benefits of Naturopathy in DOT Physical Appointments for Lynnwood Drivers


You can benefit from the principles of naturopathic healthcare when part of your DOT physical by the emphasis on preventive measures, nutritional support and stress management. When it’s time for your next DOT physical appointment, here are some of the best reasons to see a naturopathic doctor.

Exams Integrate Preventive Measures

Naturopathic doctors emphasize lifestyle factors, such as exercise routines, sleep patterns, and stress levels, to lessen the risks associated with long hours on the road. It’s a proactive approach that focuses on the overall well-being of career drivers.

Nutritional Support Tailored to Professional Drivers

Naturopathic doctors recognize the impact of nutrition on overall health and energy levels. They assess drivers’ dietary habits and provide personalized nutritional guidance to address deficiencies or imbalances. This not only aids in maintaining a healthy weight but also supports energy levels and cognitive function during demanding driving schedules. 

Effective Stress Management

Recognizing the high-stress nature of trucking careers, naturopathic doctors discuss stress-reducing techniques in the physical. This may involve biofeedback, relaxation exercises or lifestyle counseling to equip drivers with effective tools for managing stress on the road. 

Addressing stress not only promotes drivers’ mental well-being but also has a positive impact on their physical health, reducing the likelihood of conditions that could jeopardize a driver’s ability to perform their duties safely and risk their job.

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ISM Health supports commercial drivers in achieving and maintaining good health, ensuring they can perform demanding roles with resilience. Dr. Jamie Agisheva leads our comfortable clinic where patient care and comfort are paramount. Naturopathic medicine services include annual physicals, DOT physicals, IV vitamin therapies, biofeedback and sick visits for common illnesses like viruses. Find healthcare that puts you first and contact us to schedule your DOT physical appointment.

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