Biofeedback Therapy in Bothell for Chronic Pain & Stress-Related Symptoms

Biofeedback therapy may complement bodywork treatment, and is designed to address chronic pain and stress-related conditions. Visit our naturopathic clinic in Bothell.
Biofeedback therapy is a respected practice of mind-body medicine in which the connections between body and mind are evaluated and strengthened. Commonly used in naturopathic care to address stress-related or chronic conditions, the goal is to increase bio-awareness and facilitate greater control over nervous system responses. Biofeedback is often administered in combination with bodywork.

What Can Biofeedback Help With?

Biofeedback patients learn to self-modulate their nervous systems to calm responses to stress, pain and other kinds of discomfort. Using specialized sensors and computer software for reliable analysis and development of treatment techniques, this modality offers relief to those experiencing:

Chronic diarrhea
Chronic constipation
Chronic pain
Headaches & migraines
High blood pressure
Muscle tension
Panic attacks
TMJ dysfunction

The Sports Connection

Biofeedback Therapy in Bothell for Chronic Pain & Stress-Related SymptomsThe mental component of athletic performance is increasingly acknowledged by professionals and amateurs committed to higher levels of achievement. Biofeedback therapy has historically been used by athletes to attain optimal performance by focusing on mindset change. When the principles of biofeedback are applied off the sports field, patients can improve their daily living and their relationships with others at home, at work and socially.

How Does Biofeedback Work?

Highly sensitive inputs measuring heart rate, breathing, sweat response in hands, muscle tension and temperature in the fingers are applied to the body to test current condition. Sensors used in biofeedback include:

  • Respiration Belt – measures components of the breath: volume, rate, amplitude of inhale and exhale
  • EDG – Electrodermograph – measures sweat response in the fingers
  • BVP (Blood Volume Pulse) – measures the heart rate which can provide heart rate variability data
  • EMG (Electromyogram) – measures muscle tension or laxity
  • Thermister – measures the temperature of the fingers to measure the peripheral body response to stress

Once the test results are interpreted, Dr. Agisheva guides patients in discovering how to self-regulate their nervous systems. Strategies for change include games and exercises that make learning fun and effective, helping patients better navigate their world and their stressors. These techniques allow patients to enjoy more balance in their lives by increasing heart rate variability, which is known to improve resilience and is an indicator of good health. Biofeedback techniques are often used in conjunction with other naturopathic medicine modalities including heart-centered meditation, autogenic training, mindful eating and progressive muscle relaxation.

What Can I Expect at My Biofeedback Session?

Biofeedback therapy may complement bodywork treatment, and is designed to address chronic pain and stress-related conditions.During a typical one-hour session, your breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, sweating in the palms, and the temperature of your fingers are measured. Using mindful inquiry techniques, patients learn breathing skills and nervous system regulation to create a calm awareness and an increased feeling of control.

Insightful Biofeedback Therapy for Patients in the Bothell Area

Working one-on-one with each patient, ISM Health provides expert biofeedback care to lower negative physical responses to chronic medical conditions and stressful situations. Our skilled naturopathic care also includes bodywork, IV/vitamin therapy, CDL physical exams, and an entire range of holistic care to achieve overall wellness and optimal health. Learn more about biofeedback therapy to see if this innovative approach to chronic pain and stress relief can help you feel better. Contact us today or book an appointement online!

Effective Biofeedback Therapy in Bothell

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